Stress free Gmail threads

Thrdzz helps you track every email conversation for life.


Always stay on message

Features that focus on your communication needs

Intuitive timeline based navigation tool

View all your threads on a simple timeline overlay. Browse and select dates in a flash!

Filter by participant

Quickly filter emails within the thread by Sender to find relevant messages fast. No more scrolling around to see who said what and when.

Keep track of every conversation easily

Always have the correct context for the email you are looking at. Never lose track of the people and the conversation.

Breeze through threads

Thrdzz helps you quickly find and act on emails from any day and time since the origin of the thread. See who said what, who else was added, and when. If you have a faint idea of when something was communicated, Thrdzz helps you find that in seconds!

Looks great
Easy to use
Seamless in Gmail

Works on popular browsers

rocking most chromium based browsers!

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay



  • Upto 4 months of thread history
  • Sender Filter

Thrdzz Pro


  • Unlimited thread history
  • Unlimited sender views
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How does it work?

Thrdzz is a chrome/brave extension that can be installed from chrome store. Once installed, your gmail threads are automatically identified by Thrdzz. Everytime you open an email thread with more than 6 emails, you will see the quick access Thrdzz timeline in the same gmail window. Click on any date to see emails for that day.

Does Thrdzz store my data?

No. Thrdzz does not store any data, instead references gmail data to organise the quick access toolbar for your convenience.

Is there a limit to the number of threads I can use this for?

Thrdzz has no limit on the number of threads you use it for. It's unlimited goodness and productivity for all.

Is Thrdzz available on mobile?

Unfortunately, at this time since Chrome does not allow extensions on mobile, Thrdzz is only available for the desktop browser.

I've installed Thrdzz, but don't see it anywhere. Do I need to do anything else?

First up, make sure you have 'conversation mode' enabled in Gmail settings. Refresh the page to see the Thrdzz icon appear next to threads in your inbox that have more than 5 emails.

What all browsers is this available on?

As of now, Thrdzz is available on Chrome and Brave browsers.

Can I customize Thrdzz?

While we'd love for you to add your unique touch to Thrdzz, as of this moment, we do not support customisations.

De-stress your email experience

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